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Getting Started

Landscape photo of Middle fork river

Hi 👋,

My name is Zane, welcome to my website. Here I plan to write about a few subjects that I find intersting. They are:

  • Media 📸
  • Technology 💻
  • Outdoors ⛰

This is probably between the 3rd and 7th version of my website, as I keep changing how I want to build it. What I have learned from that is to focus on whatever makes you excited! I made so many versions because I was torn between what language to build the site with, the one I found fun and interesting, or the language that is most popular. I finally chose the one that I am interested in, Swift. The thing that held me back the most from being happy with this website is the part that doesn’t make a difference to 90% of the people who will ever visit it. I got lost in it being modern and using the latest technology, and this website is currently not using any of that. Swift is a language originally designed for building apps for Apple, but I see it growing outside of that eco system in the next few years and this site allowed to me experiment with the language.

If making and re-making this website has taught me anything, it is to do what you are interested in and just go for it! Please give me feedback on what you would like see or learn about on this site. I pride myself on being able to figure out many different things out and plan to share them here.

Thank you for learning with me.